About Us

The Salomon Group is a private company in Atlanta that specializes in International Trade Support & Development, International Marketing and International Cooperation Development as well as an integrated real estate marketing and sales agencies specialized in multicultural and international real estate consulting, marketing and sales.

The company was created by Roberto Salomon, an International Business consultant by training and by trade who has an extensive experience in all aspects of international business support and development. The Salomon Group has close links with the major Latino/Hispanic Product producers and distributors, as well as a national network with all the SME’s support organizations around all Latin American countries – which represent SME’s in all sectors of activity. 

We assist foreign businessmen to investigate, start and develop business in Panama and all Latin American Countries.  We can identify market needs according to your requirements.

We have the capacity to disseminate product demands or business cooperation proposals, through the media, the support organizations or directly to the Latin American companies.  We can undertake market, sector or customized research. 

We can provide Time, Expertise and Knowledge, access to local networks every-where in Latin America, to local companies, to the media, to all support organizations, office space and equipment, information dissemination capacity, promotions, organizational skills, project management, international trade/marketing training, support, advise etc.

We can help foreign companies by:

  • Locating, evaluating and communicating with potential partners or distribution channels in Panama and all 25 Latin American Countries.

  • Pre arranging business meetings.

  • Welcoming and introducing the Panama market to foreign visitors and investors.

  • Assisting with the organization of business meetings, exhibition participation or other events.

  • Accompanying companies and introducing local buyers/distributors. 

  • Advising on local business habits and best practices.

  • Arranging local support i.e. advertising, logistics, legal support, finance etc.

  • Tracking the competition, the market and the business trends of specific sector.

  • Offering quality office space, meeting & conference rooms, secretarial or office support.

  • Helping or arranging interpretation, translations or other external assistance.

  • Organizing Trade missions to Panama or the neighboring countries.